I'm a sex and intimacy coach specializing in reawakening sexual desire, overcoming body shame and creating an environment for sexual empowerment. Together, we will embark on an embodiment journey, tapping into the wisdom of your body-mind as you take steps toward realizing your deepest desires.

Hi, I'm Christine

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Does this sound like you? 

You finally collapse into bed after a long day, your head is still spinning with all of your to-do’s. Your partner switches off the light and you wonder if they're going to try to initiate sex again. You want to feel turned-on and sexy, but this tired, overworked version of yourself just can't get into that headspace.

Maybe it feels like it has been too long since the spark died, or there are too many insecurities and unspoken resentments clouding your connection. 
I see you.

Maybe you find time to self-pleasure here and there, but it leaves you feeling sad, unsatisfied or even shameful. Maybe self-pleasure doesn't even cross your mind.
I see you.

Maybe your body has been through a major change like childbirth, menopause or illness that has left you feeling disconnected from feeling sexy.
Maybe you're a curvy girl like me and you're so distracted by thoughts of how your body looks during sex that it's impossible to be present.
I see you.

I designed                              for you. 

Given the safe space and the right tools, I know you can step into the version of yourself that you yearn to be.
I can help you get there; I want to help you get there.

"Your body's ability to experience pleasure is greater than anyone has allowed you to believe."

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Ready to explore how coaching could change your life?

 "I worked with Christine Lebiecki for several sessions and was struck by how quickly I felt 
comfortable and safe with her.  It seemed that we could go to the core of issues very quickly. She was very clear about how to access sensitive areas and did not push or invade my space, but allowed me to unfold in my own time. Establishing a safe container allowed for very deep work to be done. I felt seen, heard, and protected during the time we worked together. It was helpful for her to reflect back to me what we had covered in the previous session so that I could assimilate and integrate each session. I highly recommend Christine as an intuitive, skilled practitioner in the healing arts." 
-Mellissa age 71

"I had little to no expectations for coaching with Christine. It was really out of my comfort zone to do this.
      I felt a connection to Christine right away. She listened attentively, gave me feedback and helped me to embrace the “Divine pussy goddess” that I am. No longer will I let past religious teachings, shame or guilt lead me in relationships. And when not getting my sexual needs met, I will verbalize in a gentle way what feels good or give guidance so we can connect on a deeper level.
Her encouragement and guidance helped me to meditate, journal, and do my inner child work. In doing so, I felt the strength I needed, almost like a rebirth, to forgive myself and people and issues of my past. Realizing I had the strength all along to journey ahead with confidence and not let fear take away my power.
     I am truly grateful for the amazing energy and helpful coaching sessions that I have shared with Christine. I would highly recommend her to others."
-Janet age 64

"Working with Christine was truly such a gift, she leads with such a calm and supportive energy, I felt completely safe to open up to her almost immediately about issues embracing my own sensitivity. She is so incredibly wise and her advice is always spot-on! She helped show me the path to getting in touch with the real version of me, who is sensitive and deeply caring, and eventually be gentler with that version of myself instead of relying on my funny girl persona. No coach has led me to this before! And I've worked with a lot of coaches! Christine has such a positive, magnetic spirit and she is so generous with her time and energy! I'd recommend her to anyone."
-Jacki age 31

"The best way to describe it would be to feel like I was in a womb, I felt warmth, nurturing, her voice felt like soft whispers. I felt fully supported, like I could free fall and she was the tether. Christine's guidance was always subtle. I felt like she wanted me to really find the answer that was mine to find."