1 on 1 private coaching

What are you deeply wanting?
Our work together would begin first with uncovering your desire.
Maybe you want sexual intimacy, to be able to speak up for your wants, to have epic orgasms or find acceptance in your body. Whatever it may be, I want to help you find it.
It is likely that you have spent a long time focusing on the needs and wants of everyone else around you, without fully honoring, or even acknowledging your own. 
I am here to not only help guide you through this process, but also act as a constant reminder that you are deserving of your wildest dreams.

There is so much untapped wisdom in our bodies. But learning how to access it can feel near impossible. See, we are taught from a young age to not listen to our bodies. Our emotions, pleasure and pain are all dismissed. Because of that, most of us spend life in our head, thinking ourselves in circles. But when we can tune into our body, the guidance we've been yearning for becomes crystal clear. Practicing embodiment means learning how to be in your body, to actually feel everything you feel.
Moving towards your deepest desires from an embodied place allows you to be empowered in every decision you make.

Desire Mapping


You are such a multifaceted being, with so many different parts and pieces that make up you.
Through our sessions, we will connect and work with many different aspects of you. Both the easy-to-love parts and the parts you try to reject and hide.
Integration means learning to meet all of these pieces with understanding and acceptance.
When we deny even one aspect of ourselves, we deny who we truly are. 
Through coaching I help to support you every step of the way, creating an enviornment of safety and non-judgement so that you can become the version of yourself you've always wanted to be.


Awakening is designed with your core desire at the center. Each session will build upon the next as I act as a guide on your journey to greater connection to yourself and sexual thriving.

Explore the process below-

The Structure

-6 months total
-3 months of weekly calls and 3 months of biweekly calls
-Up to 20 total 1 hr sessions

After each session you will receive:
 -A follow up email of highlight moments from our session and reminders of your weekly home-play
-A daily customized practice and/or guided meditation recording 
 -A mid-week check in

$625usd/Month for 6 months 
$3600usd Pay in full

I'm ready for transformation

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